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    Rediscover your inherent life rhythms through play!

  • About Playfully Conscious

    Tired of struggling with pain, drama and limiting stories?

    PLAY with Life instead!


    Playfully Conscious engages clients feelings, intuition and creativity, while deeply reconfiguring energy,unraveling limiting patterns, and igniting curiosity. The spontaneous process is fun, practical and empowering! You learn how to dynamically engage your inner and external conditions,shifting your energy and story from drama, illness and limitation, to a wholehearted life guided by joy and purpose.


    Rediscover your inherent rhythms, where physical, emotional, relational and financial health is the natural result of you effectively playing with your energy!

    You are here because you want change! You may need, physical emotional or spiritual healing. Intuitive oriented Life or business Coaching. You may want to open to your creativity, experience more personal freedom, harmony in your relationships or shed an identity that no longer feels authentic for you. You may want to learn how to consciously use energy and the affects that energy has on you and others. These are fun and practical skills that can and will improve the quality of your life!


    Services are offered in multiple options for your to explore

    In the twelve years that I have been in business I have had the honor of guiding thousands of people in rediscovering their own personal power, reclaiming their vitality and changing their story. I am passionate about living life Playfully Conscious and I would love to show you how Play can Trance-Form your life too!

    Justice Bartlett

    Magic brings the unconscious into awareness. ~Justice Bartlett

    People Love Playing With Justice!

    "Justice has a unique ability to create change and overcome issues that have impeaded my ability to live a healthy adult life..the depths of dimensional change is amazing...I continue to unravel parts of myself that is a result of my sessions with her, and remarkably accomplished all with ease and grace and joy." Cheryl

    Sweet Friends...

    Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~Khalil Gibran

    "I've had a few sessions with Justice over a varitey of different things, and she has managed to blitz every single one whilst laughing her head off, whilst I can't believe what just happened!" ~James

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    Private sessions are available in person or virtually via phone and Skype.Classes are also available Virtually or Live. Contact Justice about a Playshop in your area!


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  • FAQ

    Playfully Conscious is about you taking interest in yourself and your life in new ways and engaging fully in your own self care and ongoing healing and transformation!

    What happens in Sessions And Classes?

    Each experience is unique and arises in spontaneity, to meet the needs of the individual or group. Our shared attention leads us in process to unveil sabotaging patterns and recover full energetic integrity, what you need to move through life effectively. Symbols, stories and feelings, emerge naturally when invited, and guide us into the patterns that are ready to shift or heal, providing you with new references and deeper understandings about yourself and the transpersonal nature of all of life's experiences.

    We will use conversation and silence, imagination and memory to guide us into to what is calling for attention. The focus is on generating coherence in your own energy, integration with fragmented aspects, releasing stagnant energy and alchemizing stress, drama and trauma so the energy becomes accessible for you to heal and create with.

    We will Play with what is most ripe in your consciousness, what is revealed through gentle inquiry.

    Transformational Strategies may take the form of hypnosis, games and symbolic journeying with memory and story. Energy healing through symbols, ancestral memories, emotional release and of course, spontaneous play.





    We are made, at a fundamental level, of energy. We can't really ever turn it off so learning how different energy feels and affects us, gives us great leverage when it comes to effectively navigating our own emotions, relationships and life, in general. Every interaction in a Playfully Conscious session or class, is infused with intention and energy, we will constantly be feeling and noticing and sharing in the process, it is completely co-creative.

    How Will I Feel Afterward?

    Clients experience a variety of sensations and feelings, in any given interaction. What is most relevant is for you to pay attention to your own experience and ongoing needs. People often feel deeply relaxed, may notice energy or sensations moving in their body, they may have spontaneous memory recollections, past and current lives, they may have emotional release, may experience physical relief from various ailments. People may discover shifts in relational dynamics due to their own changing energy, shifts in relationships, expression of self, energy and boundaries. Some people may have the need to rest or may feel energetically charged. Everyone is configured a little differently and responds to coaching, healing and hypnosis inter own unique way. I encourage YOU to become curious about your experience, to investigate your feelings, thoughts and attitudes and to take care of yourself in the ways that are appropriate for you before, during and after the session. This includes getting professional medical or psychological attention when it is appropriate.


    Justice Bartlett is NOT a doctor and does not claim to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, mental or physical. Information that is shared is of an intuitive nature and will remain confidential. Clients agree they are fully responsible for their own well being and agree to get the necessary professional care to maintain their health at all levels.

  • Testimonials

    What people are saying about Justice...

    "Thank you Justice. You really did clear out an amazing pile of fear, mistrust, and just plain junk! that had piled up in two short weeks and helped us uncover what we already knew." ~Michelle

    Initial Consultation 

    "Justice is pure love. I recommend these services to people who are ready to take life, business, relationships and health to the next level. During our session, Justice coached me through ways I could play with whatever I wanted to see change - ...she didn't just do the change for me. She reminded me of the simple things I've learned from Matrix Seminars that catalyse change. One of the things I wanted to enhance was the flow of abundance thru my work channel. I Skyped with Justice on a Friday afternoon. The following Friday my weekly business had more than tripled. All with wonderful people who were so enthusiastic and grateful and generous. It was truly amazing. to my delight some clients I really enjoy and rarely see, came in too! That is a big change and I've just been noticing more and more good coming my way, like opportunities to participate in community events. The hour went by really quickly. I am so glad I followed my heart & intuition and made an appointment with Justice. :-)" ~Brenda

    "Justice, You have been instrumental in my transformation and liberation. I am a completely different person today then I was when I started working with you. Your assistance has helped change my life and the life of my children. I recommend you to anyone who wants to make a deep, lasting change. Thank you and much appreciation." ~Kim (mentoring)

    Playfully Conscious Follow Ups

    "I've had a few sessions with Justice over a varitey of different things, and she has managed to blitz every single one whilst laughing her head off, whilst I can't believe what just happened! She has fully repaired a mashed ankle from skateboarding in minutes, helped me with relationships, helped me to live the career of my dreams, and its so much fun working with her! She really is incredible and would thoroughly recommend everybody to get in contact with her to sort themselves out. Outstanding! Cheers!" ~James

    Mother Child Healing  

    "After my son was born, a series of various events led to him disconnecting from his body and from his instincts. He stopped breastfeeding, completely. After giving him a bottle to keep his weight up, he completely forgot what the breast was for. Working with a lot of professionals, I tried everything in the book including re-birthing in the bathtub, a supplemental nursing system, a frenulectomy, babymooning, tongue exercises, a nipple shield, skin-to-skin all the time, and hours upon hours of practice sessions. After seeing Justice, our bond was clearer, and I saw that it was in our hearts that were bonded, not his food source! We were ready to listen to each other. That afternoon, he breastfed. He has been been breastfeeding ever since.


    Thank you Justice. You really did clear out an amazing pile of fear, mistrust, and just plain junk! that had piled up in two short weeks and helped us uncover what we already knew." ~ Michelle

    Lady Justice Calls for Healing

    "The teleconference was fascinating, a very neat look at the forces that limited me as a child, was not a part of my true self. As we went down the Rabbit Hole (and it literally felt like I was floating deep into a comforting, deep, black space that was loving and harmonious), I saw images and and flashes of myself in school. In the corner were all the things I was told to be that was not me. As the patterns were cleared, my body physically moved and I felt my mind and body relaxed and hum. I walked away from the teleconference feeling altered. Throughout the night, I felt the patterns continue to detangle, like my body was letting go of a very large load. Today, I’ve noticed stress reactions are considerably diminished. I really liked how Justice worked and taught, gentle, full of explanation and on many levels from science to spirituality. Like my ears heard some things she said and my body felt different states of consciousness that were brought to the conversation. Overall highly recommend.

    Thank you very much"~ KM


  • Bio

    Justice Bartlett

    Justice Bartlett is a professional Transformational Coach with 12 years of experience as healer, teacher, and paradigm shifter.

    Her personal journey led her from addiction and into the healing arts where she rediscovered her own Inherent Connection and how to convey that connection to others through State of the Heart Learning and Play.

    She served as an associate teacher and seminar facilitator at Matrix Energetics Intl, where she honed her ability to present to large groups, and transmit powerful energetic states and subtle frequencies for healing and transformation.

    She has studied, massage therapy, transpersonal hypnotherapy, Shamanic Journeying, Reiki and Matrix Energetics. She has developed Playshops for children and adults from all walks of life.

    Justices' unique approach to creating dynamic change through the art of Conscious Play, invites people to shift and heal in a whole hearted experiential way, engaging their own intuition and accessing their own personal personal creative power, embodying an authentically joyful life.

    Justice resides near Seattle, WA where she projects a global presence through her virtual classes, and one on one private sessions, via Skype and phone.


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